Benefits of a Professional Employer Organization

How We Benefit Your Business:

  • Saves the average company 10-25% on their group healthcare and workers comp insurance programs

  • Provides volume purchasing power- 240,000 worksite employees and growing

  • Refocuses time and energy to revenue-generation

  • Reduces and controls HR costs

  • Saves time and eliminates paperwork hassles

  • Keeps your business in compliance with up to date rules and regulations nationwide

  • Increases employee moral and attracts new talent

  • Effectively manages all insurance claims

  • Improves your current benefits package(s)

  • Access to retirement and supplemental programs though PEO

  • Supplies employee handbooks, forms, policies and procedures

  • Reduces accounting costs and end of the year audits

  • Mitigates your risk as an employer

How Your Employees Benefit:

  • Comprehensive and rich benefits for employees

  • Improved employer/employee communication

  • On-time and accurate payrolls with a portal to keep track themselves

  • Professional assistance with employment-related problems

  • A professional employee handbook

  • Extended statutory protection to more employees

  • Up-to-date information on labor regulations and workers' rights, worksite safety

  • Efficient and responsive claims processing

  • Online Access to personal data (W-2's etc)