New Jersey PEO


State Unployment Tax Rate


In a PEO and/or co-employment arrangement, SUTA may be calculated and paid by the PEO since they are the employers of record with the state. This alleviates business owners and managers from the tedious and complex task of calculating and reporting SUTA. Companies with employees in multiple states find this service extremely valuable. In addition, in some states the employees may be paid under the experience rate of the PEO. Circumstances vary by state. HRA will handle the calculations and reporting but your company will maintain your own experience rating. HRA helps to control your state unemployment tax rate using the following actions:


  • Lower Your UI Tax Costs - Buy down your tax rate.

  • Save Time - Don't waste another minute on hearings and forms.

  • Reduce Administrative Duties - Let us navigate the labyrinth of state bureaucracy.